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Posted by Henry Cowen on 2010-09-04 14:50:31 in reply to Long Island Surf - October posted by Carl Applegate on 2010-09-04 10:12:42


Let me be the first to say, "How ya doin'!!!!!" (a typical NY greeting). A few suggestions for you......Phil Shook has a book out called "A FlyFisher's Guide to the Northeast Coast (CT, NY, NJ)". Suggest you pick up a copy as he details for folks where to fish. I feel for a few bucks it would be worth it to call and find whata permit would cost to fish the Silver Point Jetty in Atlantic Beach. The beach club used to allow folks to buy a seasonal permit to fish the beach and more importantly, the jetty! Since you are going to be there I would suggest staying further west that early in the year. Usually by end of October and really early Nov is when the beaches east open up....Unless you go wayyyy east (Shinnecock and beyond) I would fuhgettaboutit and stay west! HC :)

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