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Posted by Martin van der Does on 2010-09-04 10:27:04

Well the low season has oficially started here in Cancun we're in September or as they call it here Septihambre ( Septhunger)
We had some reports from our good friend Orlando or Vera, an offshore captain here in Cancun that there's a place outside the Lagoons where he has spotted large schools of Permit.
For me and my friend and guide Mauricio, that's music to our ears so we decided to take Orlando with us and see if he was right.
The water was like glass that day so perfect conditions and once we got to the spot the Permit were all over the place. Now, we're not talking about fishing for them in 2 feet of water, at the spot we fished the water was about 10 to 15 feet deep.
These fish would dive down to the bottom and then come back up to the surface with their tails and heads out off the water. It was kinda funny as I never seen Permit do this, it almost looked like the were Tarpon rolling on the surface.
We fished both with spinning and Fly rods and ended landing 6 of them in about 4 hours of fishing 3 on fly and 3 with spinning.
Sure, they're a lot easier to catch in deeper water and not as challenging as catching them in 2 feet of water but hey... who cares, we had a blast and if you ask me... will you do it again???????
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Enjoy the pics!

Martin van der Does

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