Delta last tuesday with Mike Costello

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Posted by Chris Evison on 2010-09-03 22:18:14

Managed to weasel in on Leemar's snagging of the trip posted on this board with Mike Costello. We had a great day on the water. We boated 39 fish with 28 being keeper size or bigger. My arm will never be the same after throwing the leadcore off the backcast for part of the day. I guess fighting all those 7-9lb fish didn't help any.

Did best with the I-line in 18 inches to 8ft of water. Lee's biggest was 9 1/2lb and came out of 18" of water. It was also biggest fish of the day. Needless to say Lee had his best day on delta in his short striper addiction career. We had a double of an 8 and a 9lber.

Mike is a class act and was very willing to share info. He definitely improved my knowledge of the delta and has convinced of the place that I-lines have on the delta.

Thanks for a great day Mike!!

Chris Evison

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