Video of a Spanish Mackeral caught on a Human Hair Fly

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Posted by Jono Shales on 2010-09-03 22:13:15

It's 2:20am and we're 120 miles from home, anchored off the North West Coast of Australia.

The spanish mackeral are running thick and while resting our arms and backs from 4 days of constant fishing, out helping my mate catch his quota of fish for the markets, I thought it would be a good idea to run a little experiment and see if human hair would be any good as a material for tying flies with.

Seeing as though my own shiny dome is somewhat sparsely dressed, young deckhand Kurt stepped up and donated a few of his blonde, sun-bleached locks for me to strap to a hook and run a little experiment to see if we could catch a fish using human hair.

The skipper recorded things and made this little video which came out quite well. I hope you enoy.

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