mono and knot question

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Posted by steve schullery on 2010-09-03 21:58:35

First, please don't get mad at me for liking nail and barrel knots. They are among the first I learned, and they're pretty. I'm wondering if there's any way around the problem they give me: Both too often break for me right at their edge. The knot doesn't slip or unwind; the mono appears to be weakened right where it's tightened against the knot. Even have had the leader butt section break at the nail knot. Three questions occur to me:

1. Has anyone found a brand of mono for which this is not a problem? I mostly use Umpqua, which is high-rated in all the tests I've seen. Before that I used to use Maxima, which is usually lowest rated in the tests but otherwise much loved by fishermen? Don't remember why I quit using Orvis, maybe peer pressure.

2. Is there some knot tightening technique that avoids this problem--other than changing knots? Slobbering on the knot before tightening doesn't do it.

3. Am I talking about the fatal flaw in these knots, and it's hopeless?



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