Striped Bass Lawsuit... We want your help

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Posted by Mike McKenzie on 2010-09-03 13:49:41

As most people in this board community know, there has been a lawsuit filed by "The Citizens for a Sustainable Delta" to force the Department of Fish and Game to remove all regulation and control of Striped Bass populations in the San Francisco Bay, the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta and all its tributary rivers. Striperfest has been in the front lines of this battle since the filing of the lawsuit and this Board community has given a lot! Aside from supporting the Striperfest activities we need a little more from you.

The lawyers for Department of Fish and Game are the lead team for the Defendant (DFG). They have been doing Yeoman's work thus far in the lawsuit, however we need the angling community to take the time to write (or e-mail) John McCamman the Director of DFG and "encourage" him to maintain the Department's full support and dedication to winning this thinly veiled attack, by special interests, on our iconic Striped Bass, one of the premier fisheries in California.

Please, each and every one of you that appreciate this Striped Bass fishery, take the time to write the Director and let him know you want to keep our Striped Bass protected.

Here's the contact info:

John McCamman, Director
1416 Ninth Street, 12th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-7667
(916) 653-7387 fax

Write, e-mail, Fax...get the message to him and each of you get 10 others to do the same.
May the Fish Gods smile on Ya'


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