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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-09-03 13:14:21

There's a fine line between an un-solicited commercial of a non-sponsors product and an un-solicited endorsement by a board members who tried one out and liked it. It's a tough call sometimes but I do need to control those kinds of posts for obvious reasons. Sometimes I make a bad call too.

If someone asks about any product and folks want to respond, no problem. If someone wants to give testimony to a good product, regardless of whether or not the manufacturer is a sponsor/advertiser, no problem - so long as it doesn't sound and read like a commercial or has been posted by a "shill" - again I know it's a fine line. I do my best to keep a balance and be fair - to be sure that the board community gets the best information available.

I apologize to the poster who posted an evaluation about Red Truck fly rods - I felt it was too comercial, especially the follow-ups. That said:

One of my sponsor shops, Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters, carries and promotes Red Truck Fly rods. They are certainly entitled to promote their shop products, specials and other news on the board and I've encouraged them to do so. Josh Frazier, owner has told me that he really doesn't like to "toot his shop's own horn. I respect his philosophy but I do encourage him to send me promotions that may help the bottom line.

Anyhow, Josh didn't ask me to do this but I'm going to open up the discussion on Red Truck rods and also to let folks know that Leland's offers them at a very good price.

I don't want this thread turning into a discussion on how I run my board, so please don't go there.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


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