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Posted by Bob Valentine on 2010-09-02 15:02:10

I have been fishing the Bay long enough to know that really hot and calm weather usually kills the striper fishing. Fish that were shallow head to deeper cooler water as the flats heat up to bath tub conditions. Despite this, I couldn't help myself yesterday. I was up at 5AM and fishing by 5:45 to find placid conditions and near perfect conditions. My usual weekday morning routine on cherry picked tides is to be fishing by 6, back to the dock by 7:30, hoist the boat out of the water, wash down and be at my desk by 8:15. Not a bad morning, no matter what the outcome. It only gives you an hour and half or fishing, but the sunrises and solitude amidst the bustling Bay Area backdrop are amazing.
Yesterday's fishing was not exceptional with only a couple fish to the boat, but scenic, yes. The day that started well, alsended well. I came home from work at 5:30 PM to find a couple of hot, naked girls in my living room...yes, you guessed it, my 5 and 2 year old daughters. With a couple of hours to kill and the promise of a cool boat ride, I was back down to the marina with the girls and made a tour up to San Pablo Bay and back, complete with stop at the Marin Islands on the way home to walk around and explore the bird sanctuary. The kids loved it and a great way to escape your 90 degree house with no AC. I couldn't help but look at traffic backed up on the San Rafael Richmond Bridge and feel damn lucky to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset on the Bay on this blistering day.

Bob V

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