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Posted by Ted Krishisky on 2010-09-02 14:25:10 in reply to How do you differentiate & organize your shooting head line weights? posted by Richard on 2010-09-02 11:01:48


I have over 160 fly lines that I have bought over the last 50 years and I fish for bluegills though marlin with rods that start from a 4 weight up to a 16 wt.You can see that I need a good system to keep track of all my lines.Here's a good system that works:

Start a log and in columns include the following:
no.,color code,mfgr.,wt.,model no.,length,color,cost,where bought,date bought,etc.

In rows,startr with numbers such as 1,2,etc.

I use white braided loops on all my fly lines and then color code them with 3 colors available in nail polish in short dashes.The colors stand out against the white braided for eg;if I see a line with three dashes such as black,red,purple,I know it's line 124 ,then I refer those colors to my log and know exactly what it is.

I also kee another log for all my specific weight lines,eg 7 weights and keep all my 7 weights in a Denny Brauer lure pack that has plastic envelopes.

The above system takes a little time to adhere to but the bottom line is tha that it,if I go and fish for dorado,I'll take my lead core ,10wt. and 11 wt.packs for my 10 and 11 weight rods.If I don't want to take all the packs ,I just remove the appropriate envelopes and replace them after I get back.

Lastly,I bought a good Dymo Labeler and type in the line no.,wt,,color length model and attach it to my reel or spool as necessary.

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