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Posted by Henry Will on 2009-11-05 08:38:17 in reply to Drop the bonefish hero shot posted by Bjorn on 2009-11-04 09:03:44

Hi Bjorn,

Here's my 2 cent's worth...

Isn't that interesting?. On the Bahamian Island of Eleuthera (my favorite place in the world)...The "Cape Eleuthera Institute" has been doing extensive research and tagging of bonefish (including "capture, hold (for a period of days I might add) then release"). Surprisingly, their success rate of live release is quite good despite all the catching/handling/tagging/scale sampling/measuring going on.

Being a Bonefish Nut that simply doesn't get to persue my passion as often as I'd like to...I'm going to reserve my right to take photo's of carefully handled and released fish merely to preserve and/or share the memory for myself, friends and family.

Should the occasional Shark or Cuda make a meal of a fish that I carefully released...well...does that mean Mr. Toothy would've gone hungry if it weren't for me?...I don't think so! I only narrowed down the menu selections for them at best. If preditors are prolific on a particular flat that I'm fishing...well...I either move on, or discourage the preditor by fishing for, or hooking them to chase them off the flat.

If we truly fear that our catch "may" be eaten by a larger preditor upon release...and feel so strongly about the issue...we should all just join "PETA" and lay our rods down for good. The "Circle of Life" will go on regardless if we fish or not.

For example...On one particularily rocky flat on Eleuthera, there is a absolutely huge Lemon Shark that we've nicknamed "Bad Boy" (9 - 10ft?) that literally vaults itself over the reef (6 inches of water) every day on the rising tide to get at the 500 or so Bones tailing the inside close to shore. He eats his fill whether or not we, or anybody else is there catching and releasing fish. Truly a sight to be seen as the water explodes in all directions as he goes about his business.

If I didn't have my fish photo's, I'd have to resort to relying on my failing memory to relive my experiences...that ain't going to happen any time soon.

Good post Bjorn/and folks with some very thoughtfull insights. I suppose I'm in the minority on this one.

Best regards,

Henry Will
Oshawa, Ontario

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