Ed Marcillac Guide Service

Lic. # 704247-03
Based at: Fairfield, CA
Phone: (707) 422-5300


Fly-fishing from an 18 foot roomy Jetcraft boat with an experienced fisherman who has been fly fishing since the 1960′s for both stripers and shad.

Stripers: Mid-September to end of January. Striper fishing in the San Joaquin Delta and other areas as fish availability dictate. The casting of lead-core or fast-sinking shooting heads from the boat; casting experience is recommended. The better the casting ability, the better the success of the trip. Stripers average from 2 to 10 pounds with some larger fish.

Shad: May and June on the Sacramento River. May fishing from the boat in the Sacramento area; casting is not a priority at this time. Good for beginners as well experienced fishermen. June fishing will be done from gravel bars on the Sacramento River between Colusa and Woodson Bridge; casting shooting heads 50 feet and farther is a must. Shad average from 2 to 4 pounds.

Stripers – two persons/1 day* $300
Stripers – one person/1 day* $175
Stripers – two persons/1/2 day* $175
Shad – three persons max/1 day* $100 per rod
Shad – one person/1 day* $150

*Rods, reels and flies will be supplied, along with sodas and water.

E-mail: Marcillac@comcast.net

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