Should you use :

· “The Arbor Knot” to connect backing to the spool?

· 20# test dacron line for backing?

· The Albright or Nail Knot to connect backing to the fly line?

· The Nail Knot to connect a leader to a fly line?

· A Blood or standard Surgeon’s Knot to connect a tippet to a leader?

· An Improved Clinch Knot to connect a fly to a tippet?

· A WF-6-F fly line on a #6 fly rod?

· A #8 shooting head on a #7 fly rod?

· Several spools, loaded with different lines, to be able to change fly lines while fishing?

· 20# test running line when using a 20# test leader?

The author of the manual FLY CASTING SYSTEMS believes that the answer to all of the above questions should be NO!

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